Ebenezer/herchurch Lutheran, San Francisco - ELCA
     A Reconciling In Christ Congregation
          A house of prayer for all people
               A home for women's spirituality
                    A safe place for tender hearted men
The Christian-Lutheran Feminist/Womanist/Mujerista Movements exist to celebrate the feminine persona of God/dess and dimensions of the sacred as expressed in faith, worship, learning, mutual care, and acts of justice.
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A journey in image and song into the spirit of the purple church. Featuring herchurch folk group Vocal Divine singing "Our Mother" Words by Miriam Therese Winter, Music by Pamela Parker, from the cd "HER Sacred Songs." Photos by Alice Heimsoth. Use link below:

Our Mother

Goddess Mural

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Why Are We PURPLE?

Our mission is to embody and voice the prophetic wisdom and word of the Divine Feminine, to uplift the values of compassion, creativity and care for the earth and one another.  At herchurch, we create a sacred space for those who wish to worship outside the traditional Christian framework, both slightly outside and waaaaaaay outside.  We are fortunate to have pagans, non-theists, yogis, spiritual seekers of all sorts as well as Christians/Jews/Muslims and life-long Lutherans as members of our faith community.  Our purple church is home to a diversity of spiritual traditions and perspectives that are woven together to create a strong, stretchy fabric that provides everyone with ample room to grow.  We are committed to acts of justice and peace as we help shift the world view from domination systems to mending and caring for the web-of-life.

herchurch holds membership in the ELCA.


Feminism - A movement and theory for the economic, social, political, and religious equality, rights, and dignity of all wo/men.  It is focused on the struggle of wo/men against domination, exploitation, oppression, and dehumanization.


"Midwife Divine Now Calls Us"
hymn by Jann Aldredge-Clanton
with words and images HERE


A new form of church is happening at Ebenezer/herchurch Lutheran , 678 Portola Drive in San Francisco.  Gather at 10:30 AM Sundays for a lively, engaging, thoroughly inclusive and feminist service of worship.  Led by Pastor Stacy Boorn and the Priestesses and Staff of herchurch, the liturgy features images and metaphors that will enlarge understanding of and connection with the sacred.  Music. movement, art, and readings further reflect this commitment to reclaiming the feminine persona of the divine.  Come as you are – you’ll find hope, healing, and community.  All are welcome at this table! Worship Sunday mornings at 10:30  
Our prayers and liturgy reach back into the storehouse of tradition to bring forth names as Mother, Shaddai, Sophia, Womb, Midwife, Shekinah, Kundalini, She Who Is.  They do so out of renewed insights into the nature of the Gospel empowered by the risen Christ-Sophia.
Let your relationship with the Divine be opened and expanded.
Our Mother who is within us
we celebrate your many names.
Your wisdom come.
Your will be done,
unfolding from the depths within us.
Each day you give us all that we need.
You remind us of our limits
and we let go.
You support us in our power
and we act with courage.
For you are the dwelling place within us
the empowerment around us
and the celebration among us
now and for ever. Amen
Text by Miriam Therese Winter
Medical Mission Sister, Professor
of Liturgy, Worship and Spirituality.
Author of WomanWord and other
books and resources for Ritual.
Christianity and other patriarchal religions, for the most part, continues to slight or silence the voices and power of women, the divine feminine and efforts to empower women and support the equality of all peoples. 
Join with this emerging feminist faith community to be a prophetic voice for change in the church and patriarchal systems.  We encourage you to send a contribution as you are able.  You are invited to become a part of our global or local membership.  (Both are vital gifts!)  A welcoming community for WOMEN, MEN, CHILDREN and animals...
God/dess of struggle and blessing, we thank you that you are so willing to meet us in love here and now, as you meet our mothers and fathers, partners and lovers, siblings and children, friends and strangers on their faith journeys, as you entered our human life in Jesus Christ-Sophia.  Help us open our hearts to you in our time of remembrance and celebration that we may grow in light and love toward you and all people through the gentle wind of your Spirit.


“Many feminist theologians and thealogians insist that the masculine images of God will not be transformed unless we can (also) imagine God as “she.”  Jewish feminist theologian Judith Plaskow argues that we must learn to speak the name of the Goddess:  “The deep resistance called forth by her naming indicates that the needs she answered are still with us.  It is precisely because she is not distant that the goddess needs to be recognized as a part of God.”  Unless and until the God we have known can (also) be called “Goddess,” the specter of the male God will still be with us...


...Images of the Goddess help to break the hold of “male control” that has shaped our images not only of God, but of all significant power in the universe.  This insight of the Goddess, both verbal and visual, before it settles fully into the body and mind.”


from:  Rebirth of the Goddess, by Carol Christ

Hark! Wisdom's urgent cry

Rings out for all to hear;

Though scoffed and scorned She still draws nigh

With message strong and clear.

Awake and heed Her voice,

Destructive ways cease;

Unite with Wisdom, make a choice

To go on paths of peace.


Hymn by Jann Aldredge-Clanton

words (c) 1997

Inclusive Hymns for Liberating Christians





herchurch and Pastor Stacy were featured on "Voices of the Sacred Feminine" Radio Program


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ChristSophiaMass 2009

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 with herchurch 

10:30 AM Sunday

Liturgy of  the Divine Feminine

10:20 AM PreService Music


Sunday April 20 - Easter Sunday

Harp Preludes

Bring cut flowers for the Coss

The Voice of the Sacred Drum

Voice of the Poet

ASL interpretation

Special Music by Steve, Katie and Devi Vaani

Words/Wisdom from Pastor Stacy

Story of  Rebirth/Resurrection

Sing/dance the Our Mother


Easter Brunch at 12:15
Children's Alleluia Egg Hunt/Activities

Worship and Spiritual Nurture Schedule
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"There will never be full equality or justice for women and girls  globally as long as the religions of the world continue to personify the Holy Other  (God) exclusively or unevenly as male either metaphorically or literally and thus sustain the various forms of domination that are pursuant of that image."  - Pastor Stacy Boorn, Ebenezer/herchurch

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Different recommended books and resources are listed
on each page of the website - enjoy browsing!

There are many resources listed in these pages.  Consider first that there are biblical images of God as female.  Since this was so counter to the consciousness of the patriarchal system under which the scriptures were written, they constitute a very strong argument for the inspired nature of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.


We began with scripture which identifies God/dess in many feminine terms: As a woman giving birth, a Nursing Mother, one with maternal activities and even breasts, a midwife, the shekinah, the female homemaker, bakerwoman, Ezer, Sophia (the feminine personification of wisdom).

Re-imaging God is very Lutheran – Luther re-imaged God from the traditional angry God (Jesus) with a sword in one hand and a lily in the other while seated above people being sent to hell.  Via scripture and reason and trust, Luther re-imaged a loving God of grace and forgiveness.


We suggest you read "Becoming a Feminist Thologian of the Cross" by Deanna A. Thompson in Cross Examinations. Readings on the Meaning of the Cross Today  (Augsburg Fortress).


“The metaphor “Father,” used for God, occurs in every book of the New Testament except its shortest work, 3 John.  It is used for God over one hundred times in the Gospel of John alone.  It is, of course, a male metaphor, and leads those who read it to repeatedly think of God as a male being... By repetition. However, all metaphors tend to lose their metaphorical meaning, and begin to be understood as propositions, as literal statements.  This has happened in the church with the New Testament metaphor, “Father.”  By speaking to God, and referring to God again and again, as “Father,” one may begin to think of God, literally, as a “Father,” hence also as a male being...”


General Introduction to The New Testament and Psalms – An Inclusive Version,  The Editors, including Lutheran Theologian Dr. Victor Roland Gold. Oxford University Press, 1995

Zoe and Leena
photo by Angelina Cantada

"A person can be both Christian and feminist because the two identities share some core commitments to human dignity and equality, justice among people, and sustainable relationships with the earth."    from Feminism and Christianity, Questions and Answers, in the Third Wave.  By Caryn D. Riswold, Ph. D

A Julian of Norwich for our day:

Edwina Gately


I do not need to seek God.
God is already here
waiting to be found,
soaked in my reality.
My journey is to be one
of recognizing God, always.
already present,
and surfacing that presence
in my daily life.
From A Mystical Heart




Rediscovering and Claiming the Feminine Soul
by Edwina Gateley


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