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HOLY Week-Easter Spirituality

Wednesday Holy Week April 16

Women’s Drumming Circle

at 5:45 PM


Goddess Rosary at 7:00 PM

Rosary Making at 8:00 PM


Good Friday – April 18


12:00 N00N – 3:00 PM

OPEN Chapel



Passion Music presented by

Organist/Musician Steve Rausch

Individual Anointing by Pastor Stacy



Easter Sunday – April 20


10:30 AM Festival Liturgy of the Divine Feminine

bring cut flowers for the cross


Special Music by Steve, Katie and Devi Vaani

Voice of the Sacred Drums

Inclusive Hymns, ASL interpreters

12:00 Noon Easter Brunch

Alleluia Egg Hunt



CRONING ceremonies empower the woman by affirming her attainment of wisdom.  They acknowledge her beauty, her new status, her contribution to society, her leadership in the spiritual community, and her on-going transformation.  They challenge the oppression by patriarchal societies of elder women as old, unbeautiful has-beens, and useless.

Look around and notice the wisdom, beauty, and power of our elder women.   This is what we celebrate annual on the 2nd Sunday of Easter – the continued new birth and resurrection of love that will not die, by honoring our dear friends and sisters who claim the title CRONE.

DEFINITION OF CRONE: Crone is…the power, passion, and purpose of ancient female wisdom…the crowning triple phase of the ancient Triple Goddess: Maiden/Mother/Crone. The Crone is joyous, outrageous, real, and at ease, living from the inside out. The Crone’s title was related to the word crown and she represented the power of the ancient tribal matriarch who made the moral and legal decisions for her subjects and descendants.

It was patriarchal interpretation of the medieval metamorphosis of the wise woman that changed the word Crone from a compliment to an insult and established the stereotype of malevolent old womanhood that continues to haunt elder women today.

EASTER 2 –is our annual CRONING CEREMONY.  The herchurch community honors the crone and bestows upon them blessings, symbolic gifts, and the honor due our elders and women of wisdom.  Women: if you feel you are wanting to mark your intentions for your third stage of life (after menopause) please let Pastor Stacy know.   Easter 2 this year is April 27!




Spring Equinox at herchurch: Celebrate this season of growth and renewal on March 19th at herchurch, 678 Portola Dr. San Francisco, from 5:45 to 9:30pm. ASL interpretation provided.(the Fall Equinox and the Summer/Winter Solstice are Similar Schedules)


Spring Equinox marks the reunion of Mother Demeter with her daughter Persephone, returning from the underworld to rejoin the world of the living.  This day marks a point of balance between light and dark and gives us the opportunity to strike an inner balance between our own contrasting qualities and desires.  


Evening Schedule:


5:45-6:45pm: Drumming Circle, led by herchurch Drumming Priestess MzDionne, one of four open circles that take place each year.


6:45: Refreshments


7:00: Music by Devi Vaani, a group herchurch musicians, also known as Vocal Divine, perform a collection of inspiring, original songs in honor of Equinox.


7:30: Embodied Rosary, led by Priestess of Embodiment Judith Lavender Dancer.  Pray the Goddess Rosary with voice and movement or choose a silent meditation in the group or at one of our altar stations.  Rosaries and Prayer Cards available.


8:00: Goddess Rosary Making, learn to make your own Goddess Rosary, all supplies and instructions are provided or attend the Word Circle led by resident Poet Kit Kennedy.


At herchurch


678 Portola Dr.  SF  (Ebenezer/herchurch Lutheran – the purple church).  The Liturgy of of Divine Feminine is Sunday at 10:30 and the music is wonderful



The Magic Circle Crochet Group Welcome wisdom weavers! This is a time to relax and crochet, knit, or chat to your heart's content. All skill levels are welcome, including those who would like to learn. We will share our favorite patterns and tricks as we sip tea and nibble scones. We meet on the second Thursdays of the month at 4:30 in the creative womb room at herchurch (the purple church at 678 Portola Dr.) Contact Sierra Lubitz with any questions at I truly hope to see you there!


5 Mondays:  January 6 – February 3, 2014. Cost is $70-90 sliding scale.

at herchurch led by Judith Lavender Dancer (a Dancer, Somatic Movement Practitioner and Minister of Embodiment.)

Using body based tools such as self contact, breath, anatomical imagery, vocalization, movement and stillness, we will explore our inner landscape resulting in deep listening.  This is an invitation for persons at every experience level but especially for those who are beginners.  CONTACT Judit for detail and registration:  415-307-2918 or

FRIDAY NIGHT GROUP FOR WOMEN meets at 7 PM - 10 PM once a month (usually the first Friday) for women who want to BE TOGETHER....explore thealogy, faith, and spirituality: claim and celebrate the Sacred Feminine in our lives and world .... relax and laugh!. We create a safe and sacred space where we can speak freely, think creatively, ask questions, and open our hearts and minds to new hopes and possibilities...and/or JUST BE!  Schedule:

April 4  – Dinner by Pastor Stacy at

        the AWE Gallery Annex


EVERY WEDNESDAY, the sanctuary is open from 7:00 – 8:00 PM. Goddess Rosary Beads are available for use during that time.  Prayers and meditations will be on hand as well as incense, oils, candles and bells. Community spoken Goddess Rosary is conducted at twenty minute intervals: 7:10, 7:30 and 7:50 PM.  You may come and go as you wish, and use the prayer stations at any time.  We use ancient images and developing connections with our eternal Mother, Spirit Sister, Wisdom Herself!   On the third Wednesday we have beads and materials available for you to make your own Goddess Rosary from 8:00 PM – 9:15 PM  - it is easy and fun. Or make one for another.



3rd Wednesday from 5:45  – 6:45  PM in the sanctuary.

Leader is Mz  Dionne.  No drumming experience necessary.  Some drums are available – if you have questions please speak with Mz. Dionne. Next dates are April 16, May 21, June 18

Visit us on Facebook at

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Call 415-731-2953

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